Meet Our Instructors


Sun Jang

Sun Jang 主要教授 Locking, Popping, Freestyle. 曾多次赢得街舞Battle冠军。
从2006年开始,Sun Jang老师就开始尝试各种不同风格的街舞。最一开始是Locking,也是迄今为止对他影响最大、最令他着迷醉心的一种舞风。他曾四处追随自创风格的街舞名家,跟着他们学习,并且以选手或裁判的身份参加过首尔、大阪、温哥华、蒙特利尔、洛杉矶、拉斯维加斯等地举办的各种舞蹈竞赛,并代表温哥华多次打入决赛,甚至赢得冠军。
Sun Jang也擅长Poping,House,Hiphop,Top Rock等各种街舞样式。他重点是在Freestyle,个人特色、舞蹈技巧、力量、自信几个维度缺一不可。他认为教授、帮助别人提高技能是非常令他开心满足的过程。
Sun Jang has been exploring various styles of urban social dance since 2006. He started his dancing experience with a style of dance called ‘Locking’ which influenced his dancing the most by far. For the first few years, he had been fascinated by it and dedicated his time and effort to learn and understand the concepts of Locking such as ‘Lock’, ‘Rock’, ‘Stop’, ‘Chain-reaction’, ‘Character’, ‘Assertiveness’ and ‘Playfulness’.
To gain knowledge, he has been traveling and taking classes continuously from experienced dancers who created and developed the style on a global level. Not only has he been actively participating in learning but he also joined numerous dance competitions held in Seoul, Osaka, Vancouver, Montreal, LA, and Las Vegas as a competitor or as a judge. With skill and best luck, he won or competed in finals in a few of those competitions successfully representing the Vancouver dance scene.
To increase variety and maintain passion Sun Jang has been learning and adopting other styles of urban social dance. So far this includes ‘Popping’, ‘House’, ‘Hip-hop’ and ‘Top Rock’. He brings the same energy and dedication to these other styles as he has to Locking.
Sun Jang’s general focus is freestyle dance. This is through 1) developing individual flavor, 2) understanding mechanisms of dance techniques, 3) building strength, and 4) gaining confidence in self-expression. He enjoys helping people develop their musicality and improvisation abilities.