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天舞舞蹈工作室由溫哥華頂尖街舞編排導師YingYing 於2007年成立,主要以教授各種街舞為主,包括KPOP, hiphop, street jazz, locking and popping等等。並且是溫哥華第一家教授韓國流行舞(KPOP) ,同時我們有着溫哥華非常頂尖的師資,是溫哥華少有的華人建立的街舞舞蹈工作室。天舞的舞蹈視頻在各類門戶網站都是首頁和熱門,很多舞蹈視頻点击量超過幾百萬。



Flying Dance Studios (FDS) was created by YingYing Wang and emerged into the Vancouver dance scene in 2007 as one of the few Chinese-run dance studios in the area.

Our studio provides classes for new and old school hip hop, street jazz, and popping, locking all of which are taught by award-winning choreographers.A unique feature that distinguishes FDS from other studios in Vancouver is that we also offer classes for Asian (Korean, and Chinese) music video style dance.

Through the reputation that our choreographers have earned, we have been invited to be backup dances for internationally famous artists.In addition, our choreographers and students actively perform at various community charity events, concerts, and competitions and have been featured in TV shows, magazines, and newspapers.

We encourage people of all ages and all levels of dance experience, even if you have none, to come out and participate in our classes. We hope that through our classes, you will improve your dancing abilities, meet new people, and most importantly, have a fun and memorable experience.

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